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Christian Brain Rewire and its coaches offer a variety of video trainings and text based content on their website.

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Scope of Information and Services: Our platform provides general information concerning a non-medical approach that has exhibited efficacy in alleviating chronic pain, as well as addressing chronic symptoms that fall under Mindbody Syndrome (MBS). It is imperative to recognize that individual circumstances vary, and the information included in this approach may not be suitable for addressing your specific health or pain-related concerns. We abstain from offering medical advice or rendering opinions on medical conditions, treatments, or remedies. Consequently, it is inadvisable to rely on any aspect of the provided approach or associated materials as a substitute for preventive measures, cures, or treatments for any purpose.

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Limitation of Liability: While Christian Brain Rewire LLC’s online coaching services strive to provide valuable support and guidance for individuals with mindbody syndrome, it is essential to recognize that the outcomes and effects of our coaching may vary based on individual circumstances. Christian Brain Rewire LLC and its coaches shall not be held liable for any adverse effects, injuries, or health-related complications that may arise as a result of the application of our coaching strategies or the utilization of information provided on the platform.

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