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MindBody Syndrome

It's Not All In Your Head

Emerging neuroscience tells us that our brains actually create what we experience in our bodies. This controversial statement is not only true, but it is a game-changer when it comes to physical health.

This process, known as Mindbody Syndrome, shows up in many ways:

  • You are experiencing very real pain, with no discernible reason
  • You’ve received a diagnosis that feels close but not quite right
  • You’ve been lumped in with the increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with vague autoimmune disease
  • You’ve been to countless doctors and practitioners with no real relief
  • You haven’t felt “great” in a very long time

The good news is that there is hope! The coaches of Christian Brain Rewire have been where you are, and we know the temptation to give up. We are here to promise real relief, and it is embedded in your own existing system and the healing love of Christ.

You can heal from anything

Conditions & Symptoms That Have Been Overcome

✔ Anxiety

✔ Chronic Lyme Disease

✔ Chronic fatigue (CFS & EBV)

✔ Chronic pain (any location)

✔ Coccydynia/tailbone and sitting pain

✔ Depression

✔ Disc degeneration, disc bulges, annular fissures, disc protrusion and facet degeneration

✔ Dizziness

✔ Fibromyalgia

✔ Food intolerances

✔ Foot pain syndromes

✔ Hypersensitivity syndromes

✔ Insomnia

✔ Leaky gut

✔ Long-haul Covid

✔ Migraines/headaches

✔ Mold Illness

✔ Multiple chemical sensitivity

✔ Pelvic pain syndrome

✔ Pudendal neuralgia

✔ Repetitive strain injury


✔ Seasonal allergies

✔ Stomach/bowel conditions

✔ TMJ (Temporo-mandibular Joint pain)

✔ Tingling, burning, numbness, ‘pins and needles’

✔ Vulvodynia

✔ And many more; this is not an exhaustive list.

Psalm 34:17

Are You Ready To Reclaim The Health That Is Your Birthright?

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